Optimal in the News! Instrumentation

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As tension continues to rise over changing government legislations, our MD, Duncan Everett, is once again calling for action! Duncan has written a letter to express his concerns over the government’s approach to energy targets and it has been featured on Instrumentation, part of Connected Industry. Instrumentation covers all aspects of control, instrumentation, test and […]

Optimal Monitoring in the News! EDIE

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Deadlines are looming… Not for completing Christmas shopping, but for companies to reach their targets for green legislation and energy management. Corporate sustainability magazine, EDIE (Environmental Data Interactive Exchange), which is read by over 140,000 subscribers, requested an article from Duncan on how the UK government, especially now that there is a new Energy Minister, has to […]

Optimal Monitoring in the News! The carbon reporting legislation debate

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This week, the Telegraph announced that a group of eight senior businessmen from companies such as Unilever and Philips Electronics had approached the Prime Minister regarding the confusion over UK carbon legislation and the unclear guidelines set for businesses. The warning was given to the government that failure to comply with policies poses the risk […]

Optimal Monitoring in the News! Mandatory Carbon Reporting article

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Our Managing Director, Duncan Everett, has been in the press inspiring accountants to embrace the 2013 Mandatory Carbon Reporting legislation and extend their service offerings to become indispensable to their clients. AccountancyAge, the financial news and views publication for UK accountants, has published Duncan’s full opinion here, which explores the vital role accountants can play within mandatory […]

Optimal Monitoring in the News! Process Engineering Online

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Our very own managing director, Duncan Everett, has set out his wish list for the coalition’s new Energy Minister, John Hayes. In his article, Duncan raises the argument that clearer use of information and more real performance based goals should be available for businesses following the new carbon reporting regulations. The article features on Process […]

Optimal Monitoring Swirl

Why every company should monitor it’s energy consumption

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Energy is the single most important attribute for everyone in the world –  regardless of whether you’re into manufacturing, IT, communications, or any other line of business.  However, despite such a huge demand for energy, its supply is limited, and if we do not optimise our use and continue to burden the supply ever more, […]