Coping with Corona

Energy Live News

‘Artificial intelligence technologies able to manage and reduce energy use are of particular importance during the coronavirus pandemic’

That was among the suggestions from Michael Prager, Chairman of Optimal Monitoring, who spoke to Energy Live News about the AI utility and energy management service’s EMMA AI platform, which he described as “disruptive” and a “positive leap forward” for the sector.

He noted that while traditional energy managers are often swarmed by too much useful data, AI technologies are able to take this information and analyse it to identify potential areas in which energy and money can be saved.

Optimal Monitoring’s EMMA AI offering automates the process of looking at data and is claimed to be able to extend an energy manager’s reach 30-fold, compared to the number of sites they could manage on their own – Mr Prager noted this could prove particularly useful at the moment so businesses can avoid spending money unnecessarily powering empty buildings during the coronavirus lockdown.

He said: “If you’ve got an empty building it should be running at about 50% of the load of you weekend load, now if it’s more than that then there are things that are running that shouldn’t be.”

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