COVID-19 Policy

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COVID-19 Policy


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These are unprecedented times that we are living through. We are a small and growing business who, no doubt like you, are trying to work out how best to keep our staff safe, keep our customers looked after, comply with Government guidance on best practice and do whatever we need to do to make sure that at the end of this we still have a business to grow.

We wanted to let you know what we’re doing, start a dialogue with those of you that want to and share experiences of how we’re all getting through the lock down so that we can replace the enforced physical isolation we’re all suffering with a virtual ‘group hug’.


If you have empty premises as a result of having to shut down due to the Coronavirus lock down we want to do our bit by helping you, at zero cost, reduce your energy consumption in these unproductive assets. for as long as the current crisis continues. Click here for full details

Keeping our team safe

We’ve split our team into two watches which we’re rotating between work from home and work in the office so that if one of our team becomes symptomatic we can swap the whole watch over so that we have a continuous presence in the office at least for the time being. Coming to work is in many cases the only social interaction we have and the mental and emotional well being of our team is as important as their physical well being.

Keeping our service to you intact

As well as the above all of our phone lines are being diverted to team members mobiles so that support and other calls should be handled with minimum delay or disruption. We just ask that you cut us a bit of slack if we don’t get back to you quite as fast as you’re usually used to.

And you can always contact me directly or Mike.

DDI: 01494 435 137
DDI: 07769 932871

Keeping your data secure and our machines running

We are a cloud based enterprise And we manage our servers and programmes remotely. No change or risk here

Keeping our Supply Chain intact

We are not changing or standing down any of our suppliers. They need our support as much as we need yours and we all need them there when normal times return

Staying in touch with you

To those of you to whom we are talking as new users of EMMA AI or are in, or about to go in, to a pilot.

We very much want to keep these discussions and initiatives moving forwards and if you are similarly minded we will do that in the following way

We will set up video calls where meeting in person is not an option. We want to keep the wheels turning and not stop everything in its tracks and seeing the person to whom you are talking is an important element of our human nature

We will run webinars to deliver training, orientation or reviews in place of in person meetings

Where we all agree that it is safe to do so and not contrary to government advice we will meet with you in person. If we meet in person this means no physical contact other than elbow bumps. Wash hands before and after all meetings. Maintain a distance of 1.5 meters between all people. We’re not self isolating, we’re maintaining social distance. See the above panel for the full guidance we are working too.

This will end at some point and we will get back to normal or new normal. Goldman Sachs predicts ‘peak virus’ over the next eight weeks. Let’s hope they’re right and by June we will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Until then we’re going to try to keep business as normal as normal as we can. At this time it’s never been more important that we act in our mutual rather than just our own interest and with your usual wonderful and spirited co-operation we will do that and it will make us stronger.

Stay safe and stay in touch.

Duncan, Mike and all of the Optimal team

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