Digital Exhaust

Digital Exhaust

What you blow away from your fiscal meters - and it’s worth a fortune

Advances in AI computing have transformed the value that can be extracted from what we previously just threw away.  Like turbo chargers use the exhaust fumes from a petrol engine and condensing boilers use the exhaust gas from the flue to squeeze more power out of the engine or boiler. AI has the ability to take the data that your meter produces to generate a bill and reuse it to drive significant energy efficiencies and net zero carbon actions.  We call it Digital Exhaust; data that you were just blowing away out of the back of your meter, your data, that you own, which has enormous value if it’s passed through the right tools that can unlock the value inside it.

AI is the Key

Traditional computing and spreadsheets can’t do it.  They would both take an army of people to collect, edit and analyse the high-level data that comes from a fiscal meter and in so doing cost as much or more than they would save. Conversely AI with its ability to recognise patterns that are bound up in very large volumes of data, apply this learning to what these patterns mean and refine their understanding from every circuit of data analysed and categorised can.  Simply put and as an example the data pattern from lighting left on after hours looks different to the data pattern from heating coming on when the building is unoccupied. And at a more granular level the lighting in a car park being floodlit when the store is shut looks different to the lighting left on in the window displays when nobody can view the windows.  As the system is analysing data and sending recommendations to the nominated person; electrician, maintenance person, caretaker, whoever you nominate it doesn’t need expensive IoT hardware to operate, it’s all in the logic and the knowledge bank.

So I don’t need sub meters?

We’re not saying that, you might, if you’re a big campus site you certainly will and the more granular your data the deeper an AI system will drill into any anomalies and abnormalities arising all of which are potential savings and efficiencies for you but starting with the digital exhaust being blown out of your fiscal meters there is a ton of savings to be made.

I’m not Apple or Tesla. I can’t afford an AI system

Well that’s where you’re wrong.  EMMA AI, our AI platform for energy and carbon management comes with zero capital cost, it’s an annual license fee only and will save more than it costs in license fees or we’ll give you your money back and release you from any contractual obligation.  Typically EMMA AI will cost typically 1% to 2% of your energy spend and save you 2-3 times the investment in annual fees.  We call it Data as a Service or DaaS for short.  If you would like to read more about how Daas can turn your digital exhaust into pounds and pence click here for our free paper on how to turn fumes into funds.

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