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Easter Egg Hunt of good articles littered around our website

Michael Prager

As we come up to the Easter break and you all catch up on your reading, we thought we would give you a little Easter egg hunt of all the material we’ve written, issues we’ve opined on, ideas that we’ve floated, advice that we’ve given – asked for or not, over the past few months.  It’s all available free of charge of course for no more than a couple of clicks of your mouse and your email address. We hope you find something interesting and useful here and of course we would love to talk to you about your energy cost reduction & net zero carbon plans sometime after Easter if you think, after reading any of this, that we’re the sort of people that can chew gum and walk in a straight line at the same time. But Duncan, our MD was insistent that this shouldn’t be a hard sell, so we’ll only talk to you if you really, really want to.  Happy Easter from all of us to all of you.

What is Net Zero

It’s one of those corporate dinner event snippets,’ Oh we’ve already started our net zero journey’.  And everyone nods approval when probably no two of them have the same idea of what the net zero journey entails and quite possibly don’t even know what it is.  This is our simple guide to what this essential piece of corporate jargon is. If you want to impress the board at the next corporate bash, when the subject comes up (it will) click here for our plain English guide to what net zero carbon actually is.

If cash is king, data is God.

Introducing DaaS: How to get your utility data into tip top shape (and keep it there)

This is our biggest idea of big ideas. It’s come not from a theoretical notion that got developed by smart people sitting in dark rooms, although we are sometimes guilty of doing that, but from our practical experience dealing with organisations large and small about their energy and carbon policies in practise.  We’ve come to see organisations’ utility and energy data as digital exhaust, stuff that you just blow away after you’ve got and validated your energy bill, but it’s worth much more than that, potentially a small fortune.  We have characterised the fix to this as DaaS, Data as a Service and it’s really cutting edge.  Click here to read how to turn your digital exhaust into significant pounds and pence, kerchunk, straight to your bottom line.

How to reduce the sky-high cost of energy spend

When we wrote this, we said that energy price hikes were like an express train coming down the track that would flatten you if you didn’t get out of the way.  The Russian invasion of Ukraine turned that into a hyper express train, and you are now, as are we all, duly flattened. But you are not powerless.  If you want to know how to reduce your soaring energy bills, click here.  It’s about managing consumption not tariff.  Our analysis indicates that by doing this with the right tools you can reduce a 40% tariff hike to a 12% cost rise, pretty good eh?  Who would have thought a year ago that we would be celebrating reducing year on year costs to 12%?

Eleven tips to help you use less energy at home

We’re not in the domestic consumer business but everyone we know in organisations has a home, or relatives & friends that have one and every one of them is wondering how they deal with price rises that are doubling their outgoings on gas and electricity.  This is a hands-on list of things you can do now, from those nice guys at Optimal Monitoring, with either no or very little cost attached to it.  Yes, you should insulate, use high efficiency boilers or heat pumps but they are big investments.  This is behavioural change stuff that anyone can do right now that will help reduce energy consumption and therefore cost.  Give it as a gift to your granny or anyone else worrying about what they can do to mitigate the cost of domestic energy in these difficult times. Click here for your free guide to using less energy at home without reducing your quality of life (much).

Eleven Steps to Net Zero Success

At our core we’re a technology business, well we were.  What we’ve learned over the past year or so is that a big agenda like getting to net zero is much more than technology.  It involves supply chain management, organisational change, learning and development, infrastructure and more.  We broadened our business offering based on what we’ve learned here into an end-to-end solution that involves all these matters.  If you’re starting your net zero journey or if you’re already on it and just want to sense check that you’re ticking all of the necessary boxes, click here for our 11-step guide to getting to net zero (we like 11 have you noticed?)