Effective Environmental Behaviour Change

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Article (8)As we enter the time of the year where energy costs are on the up and with the current cold snap consumption is expected to increase dramatically (12 November 20 – British Gas customers are to face an increase of 7% in their gas and electricity bills from 10 December) what better time to draw attention and increase awareness amongst staff through my 12 principles of effective environmental behaviour change.   The 12 guideline principles of introducing environmental behaviour change

1.      Collate reliable real-time information

2.      Create awareness and give the facts as they happen

3.      Grab their attention – Make the facts interesting so that all staff can understand and relate (i.e. show water usage in no of baths, not 1000’s of litres)

4.      Make the info easy to read, get people interested in their own work environment

5.      Get staff involved in changes, communicate and listen to their ideas.

6.      Identify benefits, barriers and motivators to behavioral changes.

7.      Focus on the here and now and look for quick wins.

8.      Appeal to the heart as well as the head.

9.      Show that other people are doing it. (Provide a connection to similar organisations or similar departments).

10.   Make it easy to act.

11.   Use communications that feed info at the relevant place and time.

12.   Create momentum and keep staff in touch with progress daily, weekly (Reception Displays)