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Energy Live News – Will AI tame my data Chimp?

Energy Live News

One of the challenges I’ve faced in Energy Management has been vast and growing array of data feeds from energy meters; whether half hourly, sub meters or BMS systems. Whilst data is useful it can also be hugely distracting and create emotional unease should it highlight unexpected results.

I recall an instance when a data feed suggested a remotely located property, that I’d recently invested energy saving technology in, was suddenly using excessively move electricity than anticipated. With my employers focused on protecting margins and me keen to justify my investment choices, my ‘data chimp’ ignited a flurry of activity intended to resolve the problem and protect my reputation.

After checking the data quality and running numerous comparison reports the consumption was indeed high but the cause uncertain. Only after I’d spoken to colleagues on site did I hear that overnight repair work was ongoing requiring the extra energy temporarily. Had I known this earlier my ‘data chimp’ could have remained calm I’d have invested my time better in other activity.

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