Energy management doesn’t have to be costly or complicated

Energy usage in a city

If the idea of installing an energy management system (EMS) fills you with dread because you’re worried it’s going to be expensive and difficult, you’re not alone. It’s one of the biggest fears we hear when we talk to new customers.

Often, people also worry that once it’s in place it will suck up lots of their time, grappling with spreadsheets looking for clues to why their energy spend is going through the roof (sometimes literally if it needs a bit more insulation.)

Relax, if you are in the market for an energy monitoring system a good one won’t be costly or complicated and it won’t bog you down in graphs and figures. Although sadly, in our opinion, many of the ‘solutions’ out there still require too much effort from the customer.

We know that energy managers want a system that monitors their estates around the clock but leaves them free to do the day job, which nowadays involves complying with ever more regulations, dealing with corporate responsibility and getting across the complexities of energy rates.

Optimal Monitoring has been working with energy professionals for years helping them to transform their energy efficiency. But we saw that as technology improved there was an opportunity to take energy measurement and monitoring to the next level and that’s why we came up with EMMA AI® – 21st Century EMS.

How does EMMA AI® work?

It would be stretching it to say that EMMA AI® is fit and forget, but it’s not far off. It automatically monitors your buildings, finds problems and tells you about them. On top of that, the clever bit, it also suggests how your team can fix these problems. Thanks to artificial intelligence, as it works it learns, so it gets better at understanding the way you use energy and spots anomalies quicker. That means you hear about issues earlier and can do more to correct them.

As you can imagine this can have a massive effect on efficiency, meaning you save money and, perhaps more importantly these days, you cut your carbon footprint on the road to net zero. We believe EMMA AI® is the most advanced energy monitoring system available and means an end to nasty surprises in your utility bills because the heating was accidentally set to manual, or the warehouse lights were left on at night, or one of the toilets has been flushing all weekend.

How complicated is it to set up?

Setting up EMMA AI is very simple. All it needs is the Half-Hour data from your smart meter, and the location of your building. That’s it. (We’ll even make it simpler by liaising with your data collector or utility provider to get the information we need.)
If you don’t have extensive building level metering, EMMA AI will still be able to identify and quantify anomalies. If you find and fix them great, but if you can’t, you will be able to use EMMA AI’s findings to justify the spend on more metering to help you pinpoint the source of the problems.
You don’t need any specialist technical knowledge, it’s as simple as a mobile phone with all the intelligence behind the scenes.

How much does it cost?

You can run an EMMA AI® trial for effectively nothing. How? The pilot costs £5,000, for up to 10 buildings, but if EMMA AI® doesn’t find at least £5,000 in savings per annum, we’ll give you a full refund. In the long run, EMMA AI® costs less than 2% of your utility spend. But don’t forget, EMMA AI® is working 24/7, looking for waste and inefficiencies. Can you afford to spend more than you need to on energy?

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