Core Products

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

Optimal Monitoring currently offers two suites of products.  EMMA AI – A AI powered energy management advisory platform. EMP – A traditional Energy Management Platform (AM&T System)





EMP Target Graph

Useful Information Only

You only get useful information in your inbox, no logging in, no remembering passwords or fiddling with spreadsheets, just pre-collated, pre-analysed information that you specify, delivered to the people you specify on a schedule you specify.

Push Data

The system will push the right information to the right people at the right time. You don’t even need a web browser unless you want to play with the data.

Everything Simple

We are driven by the need to keep it simple, so we group our detailed monitoring, reporting and solutions into three simple bundles so that you get and pay for what you need and nothing you don’t.

We’ll show you where the opportunities are and we’ll point you at how to fix/optimise them. Easy.

EMMA AI product and platform uses artificial intelligence to analyse the data collected and tun this analysis into predictive suggestions as to where and what the anomaly is which can be automated as work tickets to go straight to the appropriate resource for each utility or facility.

EMMA AI removes rather than creates work, needs no hardware to run, her AI ‘brain’ removes the need for that and requires no special computing or programming skills. The system is accessible via a normal web browser.

EMMA AI focuses on four vertical sectors at present; retail, public sector & healthcare, Landlord & FM and Hospitality & Leisure

EMP Core: All of your data in one place, on one platform that you control so you don’t need to spend any time curating it.  A full package of reports and utility traces from which users can build reports including; graphs, tables, pie charts, league tables and meter readings.  Reports can be automated on a periodic delivery schedule or run ad-hoc as required.  Reports may include data collected from any input source, and allow for the combination of meters to create virtual metering.

EMP Core allows the creation of a trace library which can be shared with other users and re-used within any number of reports. Diagnostics & analytics are not included. Good where the task of managing energy is dispersed through the organisation and not overseen by a professional energy manager.

EMP Professional: Everything in the core bundle; reports, traces plus a full package of analytics & diagnostic tools e.g. degree day, PUE etc. Perfect where there is a person tasked with overseeing energy management in the firm and getting engagement across the firm.

Target & Exception ReportingThe system can compare consumption against a performance target. Targets can be automatically derived from a historic period; uploaded as a business profile or derived from outside temperature. Tolerance level and period is user configurable.

Degree Day: The system generates its own daily degree day data from regional weather stations, for both the 15.5 and 18.5 levels. Regression analysis can then be completed against any combination of meters and period.

Dashboard: The system can be used to create multi-page, fully branded dashboards, either for use as a specified user’s home page, or published for use on wall displays, typically operated in reception and other communal areas of the building.

User Data: User’s may upload data as required, this data may include manually collected consumption data, business key performance measures as well as other carbon impacting and environmental data such as waste, travel, consumables etc.

Alarms: The system provides the facility to alert key personnel by email or SMS message based on operation against a tolerance band or operational variance