Press Release

ESOS – Optimal Monitoring Launches Free Email Service On Savings

Optimal Monitoring is proud to announce the launch of its new, free ESOS email advisory service dedicated to helping UK businesses and organizations understand the requirements and ramifications of ESOS whilst allowing them to unlock the full efficiency savings at the heart of this scheme.

An established provider of cloud-based energy and waste reporting software, and with over twenty years experience in the industry, Optimal is fully committed to helping companies understand and comply with Government legislation. Optimal believes that proactively preparing for ESOS now will enable UK companies to identify and highlight future savings in energy use and operating costs thus allowing them to effectively forward plan in the process.

If you are unprepared for the ESOS scheme or hesitant as how best to proceed with audit requirements, Optimal Monitoring is on hand with free professional guidance to ensure you maximise the potentials of this new legislation and identify the underlying opportunities on offer for your business.  Providing expert advice on energy and waste monitoring and data collection best suited for you and your company, Optimal’s email advisory service can provide you with Best Practice procedures to ensure a smooth ESOS compliance.

Duncan Everett, Managing Director at Optimal, believes “ESOS is providing a fantastic opportunity for increased efficiency in energy usage and spending costs. Our free email advisory service aims to take away any confusion that may arise from this new piece of legislation and provide a thorough understanding of what ESOS can mean for your business. We passionately believe that preparing for ESOS audits in the right manner, with detailed energy reporting, will open up areas for obtainable business improvements. We also believe that those companies who unfortunately do the bare minimum to comply and report to ESOS using mere billing data will miss out on the fundamental aim of this legislation – to accurately identify areas of energy inefficiency and misuse and highlight ways to make financial and environmental savings.”

Companies affected by ESOS will need to supply 12 months of continuous energy data by 5th Dec 2015 – so preparations made now are key and there is little time to waste. If your business lacks the relevant in- house expertise and you are in need of external help and services, email Optimal Monitoring’s advisory service today. .