Free night-time offer

Night-time is the right time to switch off

It sounds obvious. If the building/ business is not operating – and most are not overnight – then make sure there is no power being wasted at the hugely increased amount, we are all paying now.

From our recent work – and this surprised us too – we found that we could save 50% of the total savings EMMA AI® identified, equal to 1,000’s kWh, just by making sure that nothing was running overnight that should not be.

So here is a deal you really should not pass by. We will run a night-time analysis for you, free of charge, to see if you can make some worthwhile savings from a reboot of your overnight switch off routines.  Using its AI engine EMMA will tell you where and what they are, not just present you with a pile of data.

If we cannot find any room for improvement, then well done, we will walk away, no charge. If we can, then once you bank all those savings, we want to talk to you about a full contract to see where we can help you significantly reduce your total energy costs and carbon footprint even further.

We will be using the world’s most advanced AI energy management platform – which we guarantee will save you more in energy cost (in year 1) than it costs in fees. We have a case study so you can see how we were able to help one of our clients save a six-figure sum.

If you would like to take up this opportunity or if you just have questions for us fill in the form, or just contact us on 01494 435106 mailto://