Free service during the COVID -19 crisis from EMMA AI*

Dear Colleague, client, future client, partner,

This is not the usual Coronavirus blog post so please keep reading.
If you have empty premises as a result of having to shut down due to the Coronavirus lock down we want to do our bit by helping you, at zero cost*, reduce your energy consumption in these unproductive assets. for as long as the current crisis continues.

As a small part of product offer,  we can warn you when you are consuming utilities in unoccupied space.  We will provide concise advice on the cause and solution, delivered to whomever you tell us can action it.  The system, EMMA AI®, will also learn the detail of expected and unexpected consumption through user feedback,  so you will not be bombarded with unwanted data.

To take advantage of this we just need you to confirm your empty premises details, the site address and who should receive the output and arrange to send us Half-Hourly consumption data delivered to us daily.  This will be available through your utility provider or Data collector if you have a half hourly meter (you’re paying for this already in your standing charge).  That’s it. no strings, no conditions. We all need to be bigger than just trading entities during these unprecedented times.

To take us up on this, email :  We’re open for business, we’re social distancing not isolating. Click here to see our keep safe policies, rules for in person meetings and virtual alternatives. This will end and we want to do what we can to keep us all whole through the difficult weeks ahead.

Keep safe

Duncan & the team at Optimal Monitoring

* Limited service offer for the first 100 new customers only. Feature available to exiting customer under their existing licence agreement.

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