Energy Monitoring for Manufacturing

We provide the tools to release the full potential of all energy and utility data. The right analysis leads to better process, predictive maintenance, investment strategy as well as bottom line saving. All of this typically achieved at a fraction of the cost of savings achieved in the first year.

From Start to finish

Step one:  We collect the data and get it in one place, on one independent platform where you can manipulate it at will.

Step two:  We keep it simple; people will only take action if the options are easy.

Step three: We give you the tools to engage with  your internal clients.  Operations, Maintenance, Quality Control, Sales and Finance have an interest, whether it is to look at investment in a new plant, predicting failure or re-assessing processes.  We help you use energy and utility data to make these choices smarter.

Step four:  Keep it going. Your business is changing so your strategy must adapt. At a minimum, continued pro-active monitoring will ensure that savings made are maintained.  No more discovering issues in the invoice, react as issues arise.

Energy as a material cost

We will help you and your business see energy as a direct cost that can be controlled, not as an overhead that can’t.

Look at relative efficiency; machine to machine, site to site and to use what works; tell sales how adding that bit cost the business more, tell the business you need a new one of those and what it will save. All of this knowledge is in the energy and utility data and we get at it for you.

Energy by unit can also tell you when equipment is about to fail, so you can fix it at your convenience and not in a crisis.

As it happens

We help you get the right data to the right people at the right time. We ask the question ‘what is happening now?’rather than ‘Can anyone remember what happened yesterday?’.

Without timely information it’s too easy to dismiss exceptions as an ‘it must have been ….’. Know it, see it, fix it. No guesswork. Facts and evidenced opinion.

Information needs to be in the hands of those who can take action. Our software gets exception exporting to those who need, when they need it.

Next Steps

We are here throughout your cost saving journey. Our friendly team is here to help answer any questions or provide information you need. Call 02074399259.

How it works

We help identify the areas that need to be monitored

We use various technologies to capture the data needed automatically, including from; BMS systems, utility provided exports and specialised real-time data logging equipment. No more missed readings, no more decimal points in the wrong place, no more updating spreadsheets or visits to meters buried in a cobweb filled rooms in the basement.

Deliver the right information to the right people

Reporting is automatic and timely.  It is built to your requirements, using our unique report building tool.

Reporting is real-time, allowing you to take action to mitigate loss, while all the parties involved can still see what is causing the problem. After all what use is data delivered so late that you cannot even remember the event that caused it, and money has already been lost.

Reports are delivered by email, real-time web displays and smart device friendly info pages, so that all stakeholders are informed and engaged in the process.

Our tool is simple to use and provides information tailored to the needs of the audience that use it.

Automate, engage and adapt

You have a day job, so our software automates the process of reporting and analysis. So you can dedicate your time to action, not Excel™.

Energy success is a team game.  We help you engage with and include all relevant parties to make a valuable contribution to the process of reduction.

Any energy reduction strategy needs to adapt as situations change.  We provide tools to allow for change. Reporting is made in the system not selected from a list, putting you in control of a smarter decision making process.