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Realise the saving potential

We understand that often the biggest hurdles are where to start and the concern about how to deal with what you might find.
You can achieve real net savings in your utility costs year on year.

Energy Efficiency for Schools

We help schools implement an energy reduction programme using our energy monitoring system. At each step we help you to both reduce your utilities budget and use the software as an educational, learning tool in the classroom.

The installation cost of our energy monitoring system is offset by the savings made year on year.

Savings influences in Education

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School Utitlity Reduction Success Stories

Chipping Norton Gary Kelly

Chipping Norton School, a secondary school in Oxfordshire, has significantly reduced energy consumption and costs by using the Optimal’s software to identify excessive usage and waste across their site.

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The Leys school required a simple but effective way to analyse how and where they were using energy. The Leys have “seen great results from day one” with Optimal’s energy monitoring and reporting software.

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St Faith’s, an independent preparatory school in Cambridge, is demonstrating excellence in achievement when it comes to increasing energy efficiency and reducing cost and waste. Committed to finding sustainable solutions and reducing carbon, the school was awarded the prestigious Ashden School Award in 2014, the first independent school to do so.

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Astley Cooper, a secondary school in Hertfordshire, has developed a green agenda for its buildings. The school has seen great benefits in better managing its energy finances, as well as integrating the system into the curriculum.

How Optimal Monitoring works for Schools

We help identify the areas that need to be monitored

By using various technologies to capture the required data automatically.


...And deliver the right data to the right people at the right time

Automated reporting delivers data in an easy to understand format and in real time to
enable them to know what to do to reduce energy cost and when to do it.


Adapting quickly to change is the key to reducing energy wastage and cost

The system does all the number crunching allowing you to simply make smarter descisions.


Watch our introductory animation & view full list of features


We help identify the areas that need to be monitored

Using various technologies to capture the energy consumption data needed automatically, including: BMS systems, utility provided exports and specialised real-time data logging equipment. No more missed readings, no more decimal points in the wrong place, no more updating spreadsheets or visits to meters buried in a cobweb filled rooms in the basement.


Deliver the right data to the right people

Reporting is automatic and timely.  It is built to your requirements, using our unique report building tool. It is informative, providing identification of exceptions as they happen.

Reporting can work along complex time of use rules, as well as being influenced by external factors such a weather, school building occupancy and use.

Reports are delivered by email, real-time web displays and smart device friendly info pages, so all stakeholders are informed and engaged in the process.


Automatic & Easy To Read Reporting

Energy success is a team game.  We help you engage and include all parties, business managers, teachers and students, so all are able to make a valuable contribution to the process of reduction.

Any energy reduction strategy needs to adapt as situations change.  We provide tools to allow for change. Reporting is made in the system not selected from a list, putting you in control of a smarter decision making process.

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