Collect, Analyse and Deliver

The Optimal Solution collects data, and provides you will the tools to analyse and deliver information and advice to those who need it, when they need it, in the form of automated reports and dashboards.

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Your energy data is typically sitting in lots of unrelated places, operated by different suppliers or different parts of your own firm. Net result? You can never what you want, when you want it.

Exception Reporting

What it does: Exception Reporting lets you know when there is out of the ordinary energy consumption, against either previous usage or a level you have set.
How it works: The system will compare usage against a historical period, typically the trailing 90 days or last year – or a level that you have set.

What you get from it: Exception Reporting focuses attention on anything abnormal and takes away the need to trawl through masses of data just to find out that everything was OK.  The bar graph here shows consumption is as expected  – the green bars and where it isn’t ok, the red bars and that’s what needs attention.  (The orange bars are marginal, in this case a 5% negative variance) whilst the red bars are >10% above expected utilisation, that’s the solid line. This report can be set up as a message or pdf to be mailed to selected user groups on exception only, or a schedule say every Monday morning for the previous week.

How it works

We help identify the areas that need to be monitored

By using various technologies to capture the required data automatically.


...And deliver the right data to the right people at the right time

Automated reporting delivers data in an easy to understand format and in real time to
enable them to know what to do to reduce energy cost and when to do it.


Adapting quickly to change is the key to reducing energy wastage and cost

The system does all the number crunching allowing you to simply make smarter descisions.


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We help identify the areas that need to be monitored

We use various technologies to capture the data needed automatically, including; BMS systems, utility provided exports and specialised real-time data logging equipment. No more missed readings, no more decimal points in the wrong place, no more updating spreadsheets or visits to meters buried in a cobweb filled room in the basement.


Deliver the right information to the right people

Reporting is automatic and timely.  It is built to your requirements, using our unique and bespoke report building tool. It is informative, providing identification of exceptions as they happen.

Reporting can work along complex time of use rules, as well as being influenced by external factors such as weather, occupancy and use.

Reports are delivered by email, real-time web displays and smart device friendly info pages, so all stakeholders are informed and engaged in the process.


Engage and adapt

Energy success is a team game, not a conflict.  Engaging with all stakeholders through simple to digest displays and reporting ensures all parties act to a common goal, supporting the necessary compromises.

Any energy reduction strategy needs to adapt as situations change.  We provide tools to allow for change. Reporting is made in the system not selected from a list, putting you in control of a smarter decision making process.

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