Optimal Guru

We are people too

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do next, or even what to do first!

Whether it is deciding what to meter, what to invest in, why that thing in the corner is always switch on or how to get Sid to just turn the lights off when he leaves.

We are here to help

Together we will work through our plan and provide as much or as little as you want to realise your objectives.

Help with first steps

No matter where your starting,
we can help with:

  1. Planning your strategy
  2. Objectives that match your business
  3. Clear and measured ROI

Help through the process

Our Optimal Gurus are there to help you through the energy management process by:

  1. Analysing your energy use
  2. Ways to achieve the reduction
  3. Implementation

We provide

  • Energy Audits
  • Energy Management Strategy
  • Metering Strategies
  • AM&T deployment
  • Compliance reporting (DEC, EPC and ESOS)

Let us help you

For a chat about Optimal Gurus, to see how we could help,

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