Optimal Innovation

We made our name helping businesses to reduce their energy waste and cut their carbon footprint on the road to Net Zero. We do that using an award-winning AI platform we developed in-house that is brilliant at analysing data and coming up with answers.
EMMA AI® is built on an AI platform which can be taught to come up with solutions for any problem in any function or sector -if there is a data stream to get its teeth into. So, if you have something in your business that is not working the way it should, or perhaps you have a process that needs improving, put Optimal Innovation to the test.
Our data scientists specialise in understanding how to turn your data into useful information, so working together we can answer those burning questions, of why is that happening, and how do we fix it.
Working with Optimal you have access to a vast library of technology and expertise allowing us to quickly and cost effectively solve your problem, with a solution tailored to your needs.
Optimal Innovation is a bespoke service and knows no boundaries.