Press Release

Optimal Monitoring Announce up to £3000 EU Funds To Improve Energy Efficiency For South East Businesses

Optimal Monitoring has linked up with Ngage Solutions Ltd, both of High Wycombe, to offer new customers the ability to recoup up to £3000 from the purchase price of their energy and waste reporting software via a grant scheme funded through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The match funded Grants for Eco Innovation scheme, funded through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and provided by Ngage Solutions, has been developed specifically to assist organizations reduce the amount of money spent on energy, through the installation of measurable energy efficiency solutions. Any small to medium sized enterprise across the South East of England may apply (excluding London).

Optimal Monitoring have been producing and supplying energy and waste monitoring software to companies across the UK for nearly two decades.  By fitting a meter and installing Optimal’s monitoring software, a business can identify energy usage including any unusual activity providing them with the information they need to reduce waste, carbon consumption and operating costs.

As Duncan Everett, Managing Director of Optimal Monitoring, comments: “Typically, just monitoring and making minor adjustments allows an organization to bring down consumption, costs and emissions between 10 and 20% annually. For any business seeking to improve cost and energy efficiency, thereby reducing their internal carbon footprint, this grant scheme is a fantastic opportunity to not only reduce the initial purchase price of Optimal’s energy and utility monitoring software, but also help them save money on their utility bills year on year.”

The scheme is available until June 2015, or until the grant fund runs out. Organizations need to contact Optimal Monitoring imminently on 01494 435106 or email to register their interest and receive further details.