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Process EngineeringOur very own managing director, Duncan Everett, has set out his wish list for the coalition’s new Energy Minister, John Hayes. In his article, Duncan raises the argument that clearer use of information and more real performance based goals should be available for businesses following the new carbon reporting regulations.

The article features on Process Engineering Online which targets over 10,000 senior process and chemical engineers providing the latest industry news. Duncan provides an in depth perspective on how the UK is destined to become a laughing stock in the global sustainability community because the measures that have been taken so far have been too vague and too non-committal, draining companies’ enthusiasm for pressing on with aggressive changes to the way they plan and manage buildings and generally consume resources.

Duncan draws attention to the lack of knowledge in UK business regarding how to convert the carbon reduction commitment (CRC) requirements into action which would result in cost and carbon reduction, hoping that greater clarity will come with the new minister. With the first deadlines looming, there is no time to lose. As the energy department draws up its priority list for the months ahead, we look forward to seeing renewed zeal for the cause, clearer mandates, stiff penalties for non-compliance and greater backing for those with innovative, constructive solutions, so that no one has an excuse not to fall into line.

To read Duncan’s full opinion and detailed energy wish list to John Hayes, Energy Minister, click here for the article or click the download button below for a full run-down on how the UK’s green legislation can be deciphered.