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Optimal Monitoring Launches New Partner Programme

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29th October 2012: Cloud-based carbon management software provider, Optimal Monitoring, announces today the launch of its partner programme for energy consultancies.

The partner programme will enable energy consultancies to add the Optimal Monitoring platform to their existing energy and carbon management services in order to add transparency and finite measurement. The Optimal Monitoring platform can be used to demonstrate the impact of the overall service, providing energy consultancies with a justification of the current service, and also an opportunity to sell further, wider services.

Energy consultancies have an ideal opportunity to fully capitalise on the latest government carbon initiative. From 2013, all London Stock Exchange-registered organisations must submit emissions data as part of their annual reports – Mandatory Carbon Reporting – including emissions from within their supply chains. However, there is an extensive knowledge gap with many organisations unsure of where to start to get their ‘carbon books’ in order.

Duncan Everett, Managing Director of Optimal Monitoring, explains, “The channel has an unprecedented opportunity to carve itself a niche while carbon measurement and reporting is still a little understood yet vitally important discipline, especially considering the looming deadline for Mandatory Carbon Reporting. We want to introduce a new way of thinking through the use of the Optimal Monitoring platform, whereby energy consultancies are able to champion this initiative and combine innovative services with measurable delivery.”

The partner programme has been designed for UK-based organisations and will replace the direct sales operation within Optimal Monitoring. Optimal Monitoring will support energy consultancies immediately from partnering and throughout the relationship, with education, training and sales and marketing support. The programme is designed to make it as easy as possible for energy consultancies to increase the ongoing value in their current energy services, with intrinsic measurement and justification making them invaluable to their customer base.

Everett continues, “The Optimal Monitoring platform is providing partners with an innovative yet fully proven energy management solution that deliver transparent information which can be readily presented to the end-user. Easing reporting for energy consultancies, the platform collates and delivers the data to their customers in a sensible fashion to supply an understanding of energy usage which until now has not been available. We feel the Optimal Monitoring platform is the long-awaited glue which holds the energy management service together.”

A recent example of an organisation successfully utilising the Optimal Monitoring platform is Sustain, a leading carbon reduction company, who implemented the Optimal Monitoring platform as part of its existing service to report on utility consumption each month to Bradford schools. This has enabled Sustain to deliver its services more effectively as data is now diagnosed ever hour to identify utility usage, while also providing detailed energy and water profiles to identify areas of wastage. The ability to deliver accurate meter readings without visiting the site has enabled Sustain to deliver this added value service at a reduced cost to the client, whilst constantly proving their own value.

For more information on the channel partner programme, please click the download button below to access the Optimal Monitoring eBook entitled,The Business Partner Proposition: Partnering with Optimal Monitoring – The Why, How and Who, alternatively send us an email or visit the Optimal Monitoring website.