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Optimal’s EMMA AI energy management innovation nominated for Wright Commission Award

Optimal Monitoring, a thought-leader in energy management software, has been nominated by the Retail Energy Forum as one of three short listed finalists for the prestigious Wright Commission Award with its pioneering EMMA AI (Artificial Intelligence) solution.

Optimal Monitoring, finalist, will present EMMA AI at: The Wright Commission Final, Energy Live Expo, 5 Nov 2019, QE11 Building, Westminster, London.

Developed in partnership with The University of Reading, EMMA AI is a unique, artificial intelligence energy management platform from Optimal. This ‘game-changing’ solution is one of three award finalists at this year’s Energy Live Expo – as voted for by the Retail Energy Forum (REF). Encompassing several of the largest organisations in the retail sector, REF is a collective of businesses with a mission to support the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy. Its annual Wright Commission Award highlights new, exciting and innovative ideas in the energy management space.

Winning a place in the final, Optimal Monitoring is one of the most established providers of energy management systems and the only energy management finalist. Optimal empowers organisations to make smarter decisions about utilities, energy consumption and the impact on corporate social responsibilities. It is proven to deliver substantial savings to many vertical markets including retail, logistics, manufacturing and public sector. However, its latest cutting-edge solution takes this value even further by not only gathering and interpreting data but analysing and communicating recommended solutions direct to those responsible for actions within a building management team. No longer do Energy and Facilities Managers have to analysis data and drive implementation – EMMA AI delivers the intelligence to perform this task whilst continually learning and evolving for future cost savings, increased scalability and long-term sustainability.

EMMA AI is a state-of-the-art solution that identifies anomalies and critically, sends simple-to-implement instructions straight to those tasked with managing the efficiency of estate buildings – meaning one energy manager can now easily oversee many more sites. Faster rectification means time and cost savings resulting in untold commercial benefits in terms of resource management, carbon efficiency and financial gain.

Duncan Everett, Optimal Monitoring Managing Director, comments: “We are delighted that EMMA AI has achieved a finalist nomination for the Wright Commission Award. EMMA AI is changing the way that companies operate, allowing more to be achieved with less time and cost consumption.  Using artificial intelligence to constantly analyse energy and utility consumption, our system can make suggestions to overcome any specific site issue – directly to individuals with hands-on responsibility, such as facilities managers and site engineers. This allows Energy Managers more time to concentrate on wider company energy management and long-term goals. Additionally, EMMA AI can significantly reduce the cost of current operating behavioural programmes and delivers the added advantage of maintaining and improving future energy management outcomes. The platform can easily be added into an existing estate management helpdesk and entry and operating costs are very low – it’s a win-win situation.”

Michael Prager, Optimal Monitoring Chairman, concludes: “To the best of our knowledge, EMMA AI is the most advanced instance of artificial intelligence in energy management – a world’s first. Nobody wants data, they want solutions – EMMA AI provides this to the right employees at the right time, with positive proof of how implementation has improved energy efficiency. Securing a place as just one of three overall finalists, supports our belief that EMMA AI represents a real step-change in energy management.”

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About Optimal Monitoring
Producers of EMMA AI, Optimal Monitoring are experts in delivering Energy Monitoring, Analytics and Reporting Software that enables organisations to make smarter decisions about utilities, energy consumption and the impact on corporate social responsibilities.With over 25 years of industry experience, UK-based Optimal Monitoring fully understands the commitments of its private and public sector clients to achieve their legislative and corporate social responsibility objectives.  Reducing energy wastage and increasing efficiency are vital in meeting business and environmental requirements.

The Optimal Monitoring Energy Monitoring, Analytics and Reporting Software is used at over 1,500 locations and is processing data from over 27,000 data points in real-time from the manufacturing, logistics and business industries through to councils, hospitals and schools. Intelligently reporting on a diverse set of environmental data, including waste disposal, utility usage, and operational throughput with the corresponding emissions of carbon. Optimal’s software is cost effective and competitively priced. It stands out in its field by ensuring transparent reporting of data is delivered in a bespoke and user-friendly format.

Fully accredited and with an impressive list of clientele, Optimal Monitoring have teamed together with their business partners to ensure a professional and dedicated service offering high–level specialist advice and support at every stage.

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