System features

Features of the Optimal Energy Monitoring Software System

Optimal Monitoring provides total carbon, energy and utility management in a single web solution.  We put you in control with easy to use to use tools for the creation of  scheduled exception and management reports as well as public area dashboards.

Data can be collected from many sources simultaneously in real-time.  The system then analyses the data to your requirements,  delivering it either on a schedule or by exception to those who can action it.

The system is designed and developed in the UK, with close collaboration with our customers, ensuring we continue to deliver solutions appropriate to our customers ever changing needs.

List of Features

The system supports multiple data sources simultaneously, creating a single centralised reporting platform for all your energy and carbon reporting needs.

You are not limited to energy data either,  the system understands, all fuels, liquids and gasses, operational data, temperature, humidity, distance and weight.  The system can also combine this data with other carbon impacting data such as travel and consumables, ready for ISO 50001 and ESOS requirements.

Automated sources include;

  • Utility Providers
  • Automatic Meter Readers (AMR / Smart meters)
  • Building Management systems
  • Dedicated data logging equipment
  • Waste management systems
  • Occupancy Monitoring systems
  • Printing systems
  • Any consumption or

In addition users can manually enter their own data into the system.

Simple Interactive User Interface

current-view-gas-consumption_CO2 Energy Monitoring Dashboard live-DEC-display-with-date-comparison utility-graph-compare-dates

  • Landing page Dashboard, Fully customisable, with multiple pages
  • Large simple display, with all features easily accessible
  • Tablet support, for access anywhere
  • Plot, compare and export data in Default, CO2 and Currency
  • Target Alerts, by hour and day of week deliver by Email and SMS

The system provides a tool set from which users are able to build reporting in line with their needs, allowing uses to directly address the needs of the audience, and most importantly adapt as these needs change.

The system includes a report wizard, to help you get started and then the tools needed to customise these to match your needs.

The system provides;

  • email reporting, both scheduled and by exception
  • visual display dashboards
  • mobile device information pages
  • Text and email alerts
Simple Weekly Report
Simple Weekly Report
Simple Target Report
Simple Target Report

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The system allows the user to create any number of reports,  these can then be run immediately or scheduled for delivery by email at the desired frequency.

Simple report preview
Simple report preview
Easy to configure report componenets
Easy to configure report componenets
Drag and drop report builder
Drag and drop report builder
Automated report sheduler
Automated report sheduler
  • Simple email reports with line and bar graphs, tables and pie charts
  • Choose period of days, weeks, months and year
  • Output in Consumption, Currency and CO2
  • Auto and User defined Target reports
  • Target reports delivered automatically or by exception
  • Degree day regression, and normalisation
  • Deliver automatically to any email in html or PDF

As well as email reporting the system allows users to build and publish wall displays.  Different displays can be scheduled for different times of the day or to coincide with energy saving activities.  Displays can include any number of pages, with differing layouts to suit.  All constructed through or simple dashboard builder tool.

As well as publication through wall displays, dashboards can be used on mobile devices and touch screens, where they come alive with user interaction.

Simple dashboard configuration
Simple dashboard configuration
Preview and publish
Preview and publish
Published Dashboard
Published Dashboard
  • Simple email reports with line and bar graphs
  • Choose period of days, weeks, months and year
  • Output in Consumption, Currency and CO2
  • Output in real time
  • Include colour coded target icons
  • Include RSS and weather feeds
  • Include word clock
  • Output to any browser enabled device
  • User message library

Waste identification and cost saving

With Optimal information you can pinpoint areas of unusual or wasteful consumption and then take remedial action to reduce the level of utility usage, cutting your costs and reducing your carbon emissions.

With real time analysis, you are notified of exceptional consumption at the time of the event.  Targets set can be based on past performance, temperature conditions or business objectives.  Targets can be configured for tolerance levels, and day type.  In addition to time of day profiling the system also supports KPI based targets.

Campus Hot Spots
Campus Hot Spots
Target Exception
Target Exception

Tailored Energy Monitoring Software

The Optimal energy monitoring software provides a diverse solution from a single platform, providing the priority data in a format relevant to and tailored to their business needs. So whether an estate, energy or finance manager, office worker or pupil, all users can become actively involved in the process of managing and saving energy.
The Optimal system is more than just a software solution. Optimal provides the people and processes to deliver, and ensure the continued delivery of, utility and environmental data to a wide variety of users in a simple-to-understand format.
  • Involve everyone in the program to reduce this use and show everyone what is being achieved
  • Seek out the best performers and use them to educate others
  • Quickly identify where effort is needed
  • Measure the benefits of initiatives and quickly warn when things go wrong
  • Provide simple, accessible tools to analyse the information
  • Minimise effort when all is well, maximise help and guidance when things are not

Within the system users can manage and apply utility rates.  The system will rate data according to metered point, contract period and Time of Day / Day of week.

Rated data can then be validated against billing entered into the system.