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Optimal Monitoring are specialists in the design and delivery of Energy Monitoring, Analytics and Reporting Software.

With over twenty years of industry experience, UK based Optimal Monitoring enables organisations across divers sectors from manufacturing, logistics and offices through to councils, hospitals and schools to make smarter decisions about utility consumption and the impact on corporate social responsibilities.

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Optimal’s  Energy Monitoring and Reporting Software processes data from many disparate sources in real-time and delivers it tailored to the needs of specific users using its unique industry specific reporting tool-set.

With an impressive list of clientele, Optimal Monitoring work in partnership with is customers to ensure a professional and dedicated service offering including specialist advice and support at every stage.

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‘We started using Optimal for a very specific project, for which it performed very well. As is the case for many of us working with hospital trusts, we struggle with a large legacy of systems, the Optimal System is great at bringing lots of data and systems together. The team at Optimal just get things done, as such (and because it is very cost effective) we have expanded the platform well beyond the initial project, using it for compliance auditing, energy and water management as well as operational performance.  Having the Optimal team behind me saves me a lot of time and hassle’

Nigel Hamilton, Energy Manager at Russells Hall Hospital
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Optimal Monitoring online Platform is very useful and has become one of my most visited websites in Google Chrome.  The platform makes it easy for me to access all my utility data and is central to our carbon reduction and water leak detection programme.  It’s easy to use, intuitive and is providing me applications I wasn’t aware I needed until now. The Team at Optimal are responsive and helpful and go the extra mile to assist.’

Matthew Arnold, Energy & Environmental Manager
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’CorrBoard UK Ltd’ subtitle=” link=’http://’ linktext=” av_uid=’av-1axu34′]
“I’d sooner spend the budget on having the Optimal Monitoring system than painting the floors, that can come later but knowing my energy costs in our production process is absolute priority” said Corrboard’s Plant Manager Ronnie Wilson.

Ronnie added “we selected the Optimal Monitoring for its ease of use and their reputation for excellent backup and support, the system is very reliable and delivers us live information by combining all utilities and production data in one central solution. Going beyond just data, giving us the information we need manage the plant and production process effectively and efficiently manner, Optimal is a business critical tool”.

Ronnie Wilson, Plant Manager
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Purchase direct provide services to the UK automotive industry.  Using Optimal Monitoring Software, covering over 700 dealerships across the UK, including all 240 Toyota dealers, they are helping their customers reduce their utility consumption year on year.  The Toyota dealerships saved over 3.7 Million Tonnes of CO2 in  year one alone as a result.

Here is what Rupert Ashley MD of our contract partner Purchase Direct has to say about Optimal: “Having worked with Optimal Monitoring for several years now. I can’t hesitate in recommending there service. The key factor to us is the flexibility of the reporting platform and the responsiveness of the team when we need technical and report writing support. The system accommodates data from pretty much every half hourly supplier. The push reporting enables us to make energy consumption a key priority for the sites we work with in order to deliver real and sustainable cost savings”.

Rupert Ashley, Managing Director
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’ Wincanton Logistics’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=” av_uid=’av-x7g8w’]
“Throughout 2012 we saw an increase in business volume of 15%, with a lot more staff on the site and an increase in operational hours. However, despite these changes in equipment use and site running costs, we had the visibility of our energy usage to ensure that our utility costs remained stable and we were able to manage the running of our facilities as economically as possible.”

John Hands, Engineering Systems Team Leader, Wincanton Corby
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Simon Balle School’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=” av_uid=’av-pxyo0′]
“The savings we have made have been considerable – for example, in the swimming pool, the water consumption costs were approaching £400 per month. Once the Optimal system was installed and the leaks were detected and repaired, cost came down to £50-£60 per month”

Martin Connelly, Premises Manager
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Climate Change Property Fund’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=” av_uid=’av-myu6o’]
“Before you invest capital for retrofitting you need to have real data to understand exactly how buildings are performing. We have worked closely with Optimal to install comprehensive metering in some of our buildings and have been impressed with their professionalism and the results to date.  We are now able to track half hourly online energy and water consumption, which has greatly helped us improve the environmental performance of these buildings”.

Tim Mockett, Managing Director
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’St Faith’s School’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=” av_uid=’av-gg20w’]
St Faith’s, an independent preparatory school in Cambridge, is demonstrating excellence in achievement when it comes to increasing energy efficiency and reducing cost and waste.

“To measure is to manage and you can’t do either if you’re not monitoring”. From lights left on overnight to equipment not powered down over the weekend, the school benefits from “the communicative consumption information” that the Optimal System provides. Alerts generated by unexpected activity such as gas heating at the weekend, have seen problems rectified immediately rather than spotted on an inflated quarterly bill.

Richard Brent, Bursar
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’HTEC’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=” av_uid=’av-b41zk’]
“The quality of the support during the learning stages was excellent and we are now learning to operate the dashboard display with a view to having it on HTEC’s intranet system so staff can see exactly what power we’re using and, most importantly, where and when we’re wasting it.”

Andy Wakely, Facilities Manager