Utility Efficiency Service

Businesses can reduce utility consumption with the help of Optimal’s Utility Efficiency Service

Optimal Monitoring know that straightforward changes to equipment and machinery can improve conditions as well as save money. This service is designed to help the energy team with their utility reduction strategy.

Realising cost reduction potential

Most UK businesses want to know the best way to save money on their utility bills and reduce energy costs, but don’t have the expertise to ensure they are maximising their potential savings.

How much can I expect to save?

It’s likely that businesses could save 20% off utility costs by undertaking some simple steps. We are confident that we are able to find reasonable energy savings for your business, and as such we are happy to provide our service on a no risk basis; if we cannot identify and realise savings to the value of the service, then we will waive our fees. This is subject to some basic terms and conditions which we can provide prior to sign up.

Optimal Monitoring have the technical knowledge and extensive experience in manufacturing environments to cost effectively and continually reduce energy use and associated cost.  We have developed a specific energy management solution for manufacturers which provides a risk free approach to energy and water efficiency.

What is the process?

Optimal Monitoring undertakes detailed and intelligent reviews of your existing built assets. This will give you the information needed to start reducing your energy and water usage and start saving you money.

Each organisation and building is different but a typical approach would include:

  • Gaining information on how much energy the building currently consumes and how the organisation uses the building, and its comfort requirements
  • Undertaking a site visit to review all areas from the boiler room to the staff energy behaviours. We seek to gain as much information and detail as we can on site in a manner which does not disrupt or interfere with the day to day operations
  • Undertaking detailed calculations of the costs and savings on a full variety of savings recommendations supported by market quotes from actual suppliers where relevant. The final report is then prepared and presented in a way that is easy to understand by a variety of audiences, provides a prioritised programme of measures from zero cost to longer term and encourages action
  • Any capital measures recommended can include fully costed proposals from installers.
  • Formation of an on-site energy team to include all key stakeholders to maximise the chances of project success and ensure continual improvement
  • Quarterly reviews and set action plans for the next quarter, to include action and agreement on proactive monitoring and building optimisation
  • For multi-site estates, our approach would seek to prove the concept at a single site in year one and then roll out to other sites from year two to reduce the risk as well as managing capital outlay to match cost savings