Man jumping from one water bowl to another

Water deregulation England – what you should know

What is it?

In April 2017 all businesses in England will be allowed to choose who supplies their water, this means that non-domestic users in England will be able to choose their supplier for the first time. This means that if your water is provided by lots of suppliers you will be able to move everything to one supplier, or if you are unhappy with you current supplier you will be able to choose another.

Why is it a good thing?

You finally will have a choice. This should improve the quality of service, and price.

Since the margins are heavily regulated you should expect to see the water companies offering extra services such as automated readings, better account management and better assistance with dealing with problems such a leaks.

We will see water companies splitting into retail, and wholesale business. As a customer you can choose one retailer to deal with all the wholesalers in your estate, so billing should be simpler.

What’s the catch?

None. Your water supply will not change, but the company that your bills come from may change and as with Gas and Electricity, your Water supplier would like a supply agreement for 3 years or so, plus an agreement to pay your bills by DD or BACS (which you may already be doing) and for you to receive them electronically.

Will I benefit in other ways?

If you have multiple sites then consolidated invoicing will mean a maximum of 12 invoices a year from just one Water Supplier rather than monthly/quarterly invoices from a range of suppliers thus reducing admin time.