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Your Net Zero foundations

Whatever else you do about managing your energy cost and net zero carbon journey, don’t do anything else until you’ve done this

There are no shortage of breathless, ‘must do this’, ‘this is cutting edge’ projects in the energy sector.  Like anything else, some are good some not so good.  The question is how do you know which is which?

EMMA AI is an artificial intelligence management and monitoring platform.  It needs no new hardware, no capital expenditure, no sub meters (it likes sub meters but they’re not an essential item, at least not until/unless EMMA proves they’re worthwhile).

EMMA uses data from your existing half hourly billing meter to produce actionable recommendations for how to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.  It does this by using its very clever AI engine to understand and interpret your data. 

Data is like a fingerprint, no two patterns are the same. For example, the data from lighting being left on overnight has a different fingerprint (or ‘profile’) to the data from a heating unit left on to heat an empty building. The data from a malfunctioning valve in a water cistern has a different fingerprint to the data from a mains water leak. EMMA understands these differences and makes recommendations on the corrective action needed, in plain English, straight to whoever you nominate as the appropriate resource in each case. 

EMMA is simultaneously capturing, storing and curating all of your utility data in one place, which you can access 24/7 so that you can compare it to your billing data and  – here’s the big one – put a value on each and every anomaly/abnormality it sees so that you can make a definitive case, free of the usual barrel load of assumptions on the ROI of the fix each. Whether it’s the big IoT project, the CHP plant replacement you’re considering, LED lighting, maximum demand tariffs, etc. EMMA provides you with hard, verifiable data on which to make your business case.

So why should you plug in to EMMA before you do anything else (or even add it to your current toolkit)? Because EMMA is a non-invasive, no capex, AI tool that will immediately start paying for itself by pointing out money and carbon saving opportunities whilst allowing you to investigate all of the other energy related projects you are considering from the basis of ‘here’s what this problem is costing you now’ and ‘here’s what you could save by doing something about it’. No more having to spend money to find out what you need to spend money on.

Lastly, even though EMMA is cutting edge technology it costs less than you would think; about 1% of your total energy spend and typically 10-15% of the savings you will make immediately. Complete the form above or call 01494 435106 to stop guessing and save money right away.