Optimal AMR

Optimal AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) provides full life cycle AMR Sub-Metering services, through strategy, survey, metering, data capture, data supply and maintenance.

As a data service Optimal AMR is designed to manage and maintain all the components needed to deliver robust consumption data to your preferred AM&T platform.






Automatic Meter Reading

Over the last 15 years we have been supplying and installing independent data logging systems to collect and store utility half-hour consumption data, across all utilities, to the cloud. From here the collected data can be forwarded to your preferred AM&T platform or accessed through the Optimal Monitoring Web portal.

We are also able to collect data from other sources including BMS and other Data collectors, presenting this as a single combined source of data.

Metering Strategy

Here at Optimal Monitoring, we have established ourselves as a leading provider of metering strategy, focused on delivering the needs of the business, in terms of cost and coverage. With clients such as Interserve and Sussex University, we have provided cost effective sub-metering strategies to assist them in delivering their NET Zero commitments.

Meter Surveys

Often customers have a legacy of metering in place which, if used, can significantly reduce the cost of delivering their AM&T strategy. Here at Optimal AMR we are experienced in surveying existing infrastructure to ensure that our customers make the best use of their existing assets when delivering their metering strategy.

Meter Supply and install

Whether it is an upgrade to and existing meter or a green field installation, Optimal AMR, is equipped to ensure the right sub-meters are installed for your AMR needs, across all utilities. Whether required for tenant billing, compliance or reporting, Optimal AMR will deliver you the most cost-effective metering solutions for your AMR needs.