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Optimal Monitoring offer a range of products and services that help companies of all shapes and sizes significantly reduce their energy spend and achieve their net zero carbon reduction targets.

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Welcome to Optimal Monitoring …

Welcome to Optimal Monitoring, the UKs leading provider of products and solutions designed to help lower the energy spend of your business and reduce your carbon emissions. For the past 25 years, we’ve been at the forefront of technology and professional services that drive innovation in the field of energy management.

New success story

William Hill return over £1m in savings

We were absolutely amazed at the savings the platform was allowing us to make in practically no time at all, and across a reasonably small number of our shops. The data we were able to look at early in the project gave us the confidence to move quickly to rolling the platform out across all our locations. We all know that energy prices have been heading north for the last 2 years by huge amounts and so to see savings of this size is unbelievable really!

Matt Drewett

Global Procurement, William Hill

We offer a range of products & services


EMMA AI monitors your utility consumption in the background 24/7 to spot anomalies and abnormalities in your consumption and highlight these out as simple work tickets to whoever you nominate. This award-winning platform is the world’s most advanced energy monitoring system and is the perfect way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint whilst saving you thousands.

Optimal Solutions

Are you struggling to understand how you can set achievable and realistic energy and carbon reduction targets? Your energy data holds the answer and we can help you find it. Optimal Solutions is our consulting service that uses AI technology on a project basis to cut through the noise and get to the core of the issue quickly. We help businesses start and develop their net zero journey on an advisory, outside/in approach. 

Optimal Innovation

Not often, but sometimes there arises a problem that just can’t be fixed by existing technology, or an integration that is simply too complex for an “off the shelf” product to work. With years of experience in developing energy monitoring systems, our software designers (the same that team that develop EMMA AI) can develop bespoke solutions and integrations that work for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Optimal Infrastructure

Optimal Infrastructure provides full life-cycle AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) sub-metering services, through strategy, survey, data capture, data supply and maintenance. Most installers see the meter as hardware to wire up and forget, but as a data service we see them as a primary source of information. With accurate AMR data your ability to save money & reduce your carbon use is practically guaranteed.

UK businesses spend around £24 billion a year on energy. With most wasting between 20-40%, the UK could be saving up to £9 billion every single year!

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When I heard about EMMA AI, I honestly thought it was another gimmick, but the team at Optimal Monitoring have proved to be honest and easy to work with, delivering on their promise to make us great savings. You have got to love a product that does that.

Fred Done

Owner and Founder, Betfred

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