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Products to reduce energy costs and achieve net-zero.

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Automated Energy Management system

EMMA AI® monitors your utilities so you don’t have to. As an Energy Management system it automatically checks your estate, finds problems and shows you how to fix them. As it works, it learns through Artificial Intelligence, so its solutions constantly improve. The award-winning EMMA AI® is the world’s most advanced energy monitoring system and is the perfect partner to reduce your company’s carbon footprint on the road to net zero.

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Optimal Solutions

Achieve Net Zero & carbon reduction targets

Struggling to work out how to set achievable and realistic carbon reduction targets, on the road to Net Zero? Your energy data holds the answer and we can help you find it. Optimal Solutions is a consulting service like no other. We help businesses start and develop their net zero journey working with you on an inside/out approach. We’re there when you need us, but gone when you don’t.

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Optimal Innovation

Solutions to identify energy waste

Got a problem you just can’t solve? The answer is buried somewhere in your data and we can find it. . Optimal Innovation uses our unique AI platform to sift through masses of data to find usable insights. If our ‘black box’ can’t do that for you, our software designers will build you one that can. A totally bespoke service.

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Optimal Infrastructure

Designed to manage all AM&T platform data

Optimal AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) provides full life cycle AMR Sub-Metering services, through strategy, survey, metering, data capture, data supply and maintenance.

As a data service Optimal AMR is designed to manage and maintain all the components needed to deliver robust consumption data to your preferred AM&T platform.

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The world's most advanced energy monitoring system

EMMA AI® is the foundation for everything you do to manage your utilities and Carbon

Low Cost

No capex, no additional opex, no new equipment – everything that EMMA AI does, it does with your existing Half-Hourly data, using it’s AI engine to interpret the ‘fingerprint’ of your utility data.


It will see and join recurrent issues that individually can be missed, informing you when cumulatively reach you predetermined value threshold.


It will turn your existing data into meaningful and actionable recommendations with no human intervention required in the process.

Start to Finish

To successfully manage your energy & carbon journey you need to have 360o visibility of all of your energy consumption.

EMMA AI is the technology that will allow you to validate, justify and monitor all of your future projects accurately.

Although EMMA AI is cutting edge technology, using your existing data it costs less than you would think. About 1% of your total energy spend and delivering savings of 10 to 15 times its cost.


Interested in a risk-free pilot?

If the pilot study does not identify savings in excess of annualised fees, we will refund 100% of the pilot fees paid.



Betfred win big betting on Optimal Monitoring's EMMA AI


<<1 Year


Reduction in annual energy spend delivered after 3 months operation, expected to rise to £381K+Fees recovered from OPEX savings made in the first yearCapex cost was zero, savings from operational changes only, no new equipment needed

Betfred are one of the country’s largest and most successful betting shop groups, founded and led by the inimitable Fred Done – the Fred in Betfred. They maintain a large retail estate (1400+) of high street betting shops.

Fred Done, Owner Betfred said, “When I heard about EMMA AI, I honestly thought it was another gimmick, but the team at Optimal Monitoring have proved to be honest and easy to work with, delivering on their promise to make us great savings. You have got to love a product that does that.”


Comprehensive action plan developed

Optimal Monitoring developed a far-reaching, action plan for a major public health provider to help them reach their net zero goals.
We deployed our award-winning EMMA AI technology to analyse their data, and from that produced a six-point plan to address issues including data provision supply, behavioural change, infrastructure upgrades, modification of outsourced FM contracts and transformation of job roles to ensure success.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    EMMA AI® is ideal for..

    We specialise in four sectors but can transform any business – get in contact for a no obligation chat.


    Retail estates typically comprise lots of fairly simple sites (from an energy perspective), where the potential savings from any one site do not always warrant the cost of an active Energy management, monitoring and response system. The cost has always been greater than the problem.

    EMMA AI was designed to change that. Because we don’t charge per meter there is no incremental cost per site. The combined savings from hundreds of small/medium sites are likely to be in the hundreds of thousands of pounds.

    Hospitality and Leisure

    Large throughput businesses where it’s people and spaces that drive energy consumption and carbon emissions. Using EMMA’s advanced functions you can tie energy or carbon to people throughput, occupancy, covers, passengers, guests – whatever metric you choose and have data for. As an advanced energy management system, EMMA AI was designed to do this.

    Landlord and FM

    Commercial space has always been a tricky area for energy management systems.  Landlords and their FM agents haven’t wanted to get involved in tenanted space and tenants pay for common areas in their service charge so who should do what can get lost or ignored.  Smart buildings, smart tenants and the growth of short-term flexible space are changing all this and smart landlords will be thinking about how they add value to their offer. One way is to make the building smarter, especially  for energy conservation and carbon emissions.  EMMA was designed for that.

    Public Sector and Healthcare

    Unusual spaces, unusual uses, a ‘nothing is normal’ starting point for each site? Everything from the complexity and uniqueness of ambulance & fire stations, to large acute teaching hospitals as well as police stations, libraries, these are all meat and drink to EMMA AI.  EMMA AI was designed on a ‘nothing is normal’ A new kind of energy management system and essential for those looking to hit Net Zero targets.

    EMMA AI® works at multiple levels

    EMMA AI was built, in conjunction with the University of Reading and under the auspices of Innovate UK, from a number of machine learning, data fusion and pattern recognition technologies. It does the simple things brilliantly with just half-hourly data, but can work at a much more advanced level if provided with more detailed information.


    Using just fiscal (billing) meter data or fiscal plus some sub meters, EMMA AI will point out things like; timers out of sync, overnight switch off not happening consistently, or water leaks. In most cases, this low hanging fruit will provide an immediate and significant saving.


    Using more sub meters and data from a building management system (BMS) or a combined heat and power (CHP) plant, EMMA AI informs the behavioural change agenda. For instance, what can be done differently to reduce baseload without diminishing levels of comfort, service or operational efficiency.

    Very advanced

    When it’s time to consider capex projects to further drive energy and carbon efficiency, EMMA AI provides the information to justify the project. It will measure its impact using evidence based, data driven analysis of real time and predicted consumption, so you can be sure of your decision.

    EMMA AI® won the Retail Energy Forum Commission Award for outstanding innovation in the energy management space.

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