Blog: What is Net Zero Carbon

& why should you care (N.B. you should)

Net Zero Carbon is the new ethical frontier that all of us ( government, consumers, business ) will have to comply with over the next decade. ......

The world's most advanced energy monitoring system



Simple to install, no hardware needed, all done with AI software.

No technical knowledge needed - as simple as a mobile phone, with all the intelligence behind the scenes.


Works on Electricity, Gas, Water and Heat.

Comes with a full, UK based, user support package.


EMMA AI creates no additional work for you.

We’ll liaise with your data collector or utility provider to get the input data. EMMA will turn your usage data into work tickets and instructions that will go straight to whoever you nominate for each utility or building. No additional pressure on you.

Immediate payback

You’ll save more than you spend from day one. The pilot study will prove that or we won’t proceed. If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for us.

Free solution for empty buildings

The government have helped you manage your staff overhead, now we are here to help you manage your energy overhead.
If you have empty buildings as a consequence of the COVID-19 crisis we will give you the award winning EMMA AI® energy monitoring platform for FREE


Energy is probably the second or third largest overhead in your business. Using it unnecessarily is like letting people walk out of the door with an armful of your stock. You wouldn’t let that happen but that’s what’s going on every day if you’re not monitoring your energy consumption and acting upon that advice. But that’s been difficult. Traditional AM&T systems give you data – but you don’t want just data, you want to be told here’s what happened & here’s what to do about it, so that you can go and fix it. That is what EMMA AI does, using sophisticated AI logic that is as simple as using a mobile phone or a laptop.

If that’s not enough, think about carbon emissions because your customers are and they will increasingly want to know what you are doing to help save the planet. Reducing carbon emissions comes at no extra cost when saving energy so by using EMMA AI you are doing what’s good for the bottom line, good for the planet and good for your PR, all in one simple solution.

Innovation Winner

Retail Energy Forum - The Wright Commission award for innovation

Academic Collaboration

with Reading University and Innovate UK

EMMA AI® works at multiple levels

The low hanging fruit

Using just fiscal (billing) meter data or fiscal plus some sub meters EMMA AI will point out things like; timers out of sync, overnight switch off not happening consistently, or leaks among others. This will provide an immediate and significant saving in most cases.

Behavioural change

Using more sub meters and data from a BMS or a CHP plant EMMA AI starts to inform the behavioural change agenda, i.e. what can be done differently that will start to reduce baseload without diminishing levels of comfort, service or operational efficiency.

Justifiable capex

When it’s time to consider capex projects to further drive energy and carbon efficiency EMMA provides the information to fully justify the project and then measure its impact using evidence based, data driven analysis of real time consumption and predicted consumption.

Last person energy policy?

A building running as occupied consumes typically 50% more than when run as empty – Are the lights still on?

The EMMA AI® approach:
make life simple

  • Starting point

    Yes, I want to reduce my energy consumption & carbon emissions.

  • Talk to us

    An initial consultation, our insight, & advice is FREE. We’ll look at your past 360 days of data and give you an honest appraisal of whether we think EMMA AI can help you.
  • Like what you hear?

    Want to kick the tyres? We’ll run a pilot in a representative no. of sites. RISK FREE. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on the pilot cost if savings made don’t exceed EMMA fees.

  • The pilot usually takes 90 days

    If the cost saving case is proven (and it usually is) then we’ll work with you to roll EMMA AI out across your estate and our customer service team will be part of the solution, whenever you need them and for as long as you’re using EMMA AI.

  • How does it work?

    EMMA’s AI engine suggests the causes & locations of any energy anomalies. Work tickets are sent within 24 hrs, to whoever you tell us has the skills to fix each type of issue. You don’t have to trawl through masses of data to get this done.

  • How much?

    EMMA AI pricing is based on the amount of data we monitor expressed as the kWh or MWh you consume, with no limit on the number of meters monitored. User experience suggests that you will save between 10-15% of historic consumption and as an additional level of protection EMMA AI will never cost more than 20% of savings identified. Guaranteed.

Who checks your controls?

Full shutdown is typically 30% to 40% better than on a typical weekend – that could be many £1,000 per month per building – are your controls optimized for closed running?

EMMA AI® is built around your systems and your processes

No additional work for you​

Only simple paperwork required for us to work together and to allow us to collect your data for you.

No hardware needed

All you will need is half-hourly data and someone to act on EMMA’s recommendations and provide feedback via our app or website. That’s it. EMMA AI will export or import data from any compatible system.

Automated work tickets

EMMA AI is set up to send work tickets for anomalies detected directly to your nominated resource. Water goes to the plumbers, boiler issues go to your gas service engineer etc.

Get the right stuff to the right people

EMMA AI will organise the work and send the results as reports, league tables, to you or your analysts as you decide. So work tickets go to fixers and reports, all user configurable, go to analysts for performance analysis.

EMMA AI has your back 24/7

Nobody has time to check everything 24/7. EMMA AI has your back, checking for issues then notifying those who can fix it, thereby avoiding any embarrassing bills.

Who should choose EMMA AI®

Our focus is on four vertical markets although we’re always happy to have a no-commitment chat with anyone from anywhere


Retail estates typically comprise lots of fairly simple sites (from an energy perspective), where the potential savings from any one site do not always warrant the cost of an active monitoring and response system. The cost has always been greater than the problem.

EMMA AI was designed to change that. Because we don’t charge per meter there is no incremental cost per site. The combined savings from hundreds of small/medium sites are likely to be in the hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Hospitality and Leisure

Large throughput businesses where it’s people and spaces that drive energy consumption and carbon emissions. Using EMMA’s advanced functions you can tie energy or carbon to people throughput, occupancy, covers, passengers, guests – whatever metric you choose and have data for. EMMA AI was designed to do this.

Landlord and FM

Commercial space has always been a tricky area.  Landlords and their FM agents haven’t wanted to get involved in tenanted space and tenants pay for common areas in their service charge so who should do what can get lost or ignored.  Smart buildings, smart tenants and the growth of short-term flexible space are changing all this and smart landlords will be thinking about how they add value to their offer. One way is to make the building smarter, especially  for energy conservation and carbon emissions.  EMMA was designed for that.

Public Sector and Healthcare

Unusual spaces, unusual uses, a ‘nothing is normal’ starting point for each site? Everything from the complexity and uniqueness of ambulance & fire stations, to large acute teaching hospitals as well as police stations, libraries, these are all meat and drink to EMMA AI.  EMMA AI was designed on a ‘nothing is normal’ basis.

Always learning

EMMA AI is not a static solution. It is constantly learning and improving its understanding of how your sites work though feedback.

The Clever Stuff

What is EMMA AI®

EMMA AI is an artificial intelligence system built by Optimal Monitoring, one of the sector‘s longest standing providers of energy management.

EMMA AI has been built, in conjunction with the University of Reading and under the auspices of Innovate UK, from a number of machine learning, data fusion and pattern recognition technologies. She requires half-hourly data and no more to build a unique, site by site picture of normal usage to start to find and fix anomalies in energy consumption in order to eliminate occasional abnormal usage and drive down underlying, base-level demand – without sacrificing user comfort or functionality.

Provide her with further data and ongoing feedback, simple plain English text in our app or by email and she’ll start to build a detailed site by site picture of your estate and provide ever more accurate and localised recomendations.

How EMMA AI® works

We started from the position that nobody want’s data. What you want is instructions on what to do when the data says, ‘this isn’t right’. (We know, you do want data but separate from actionable ‘fix this’ instructions and EMMA provides that.) EMMA’s AI engine combines consumption anomalies, from a ‘no normal’ starting point with her extensive knowledge base of what the likely causes are to each savings opportunity and suggests the best action to take. Data is presented at a site and estate (and region or division if you need that) level to management and analysts whilst the ‘fix’ instruction goes straight to the site level team member or contractor to implement. No middle man, fully automated, which frees up your time to widen your reach or do other things.

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