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EMMA AI Case Study

Following a 6-month pilot of Optimal Monitoring’s new EMMA Ai software at 48 locations in the Betfred estate.   It was able to identify and realise significant efficiencies within our utility costs.

Betfred is committed to carbon reduction and energy efficiency.  While it had in place diligent processes to check and validate use from billing,  it found it was simply not viable to cost effectively to analyse the utility data we had with the frequency needed to ensure nothing was ever missed.


Through the pilot Betfred were able to quantify the potential savings across their estate and establish the internal processes needed to realise these.  As a result, is was very easy to create a business case for an estate wide roll out of EMMA AI with a credible ROI of over 300% vs the EMMA AI fees!

The EMMA AI® Pilot

The EMMA AI product provided automated reminders to shops as an when improvements could be made.  For the most part this communication was as a reminder of the expected behaviours from the shop staff.

In addition, EMMA AI provided performance reporting to the regional and area management these so they could help where it was needed.

Savings Identified: greater than £140,000pa

ROI on pilot sites: greater than 300%

Len Hodges from Betfred said of the project. The pilot showed us how EMMA AI can reveal energy waste we could not have identified cost effectively.  We are delighted to be working with Optimal Monitoring on a full rollout, to ensure that a sustainability is realised to every part of the Betfred estate.

Covid-19 impact

As with many in the high-street, Betfred business has been greatly affected by the Covid-19.  Using the EMMA AI product, Betfred have been able to identify shops where unchecked we could have been subjected to significant excess utility costs.  EMMA AI has allowed Betfred to use the limited resources available to us to maximum effect in keeping our utility costs as low as possible in these difficult times.

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